But are they identical?

Different types of twins, boy girl twins, non identical twins and identical twins. That’s it right? WRONG!

There are many different types of twins and during pregnancy they give them strange names like momo or didia. Safe to say I’m no doctor or an expert!! I didn’t really have time to get all clued up on it while they were in my tummy having a one year old as well.

Back to my point, the doctors and ultrasound people all told me they would not be identical because of the type of twins they are, they had their own sacs and placentas, dichorionic diamniotic, is the technical term.

It didn’t bother me whether they were identical or fraternal, all babies are special and twins are a definite blessing.

During my pregnancy I joined a twins group on a social networking site and people were discussing identical twins and I soon found out that didia twins have a 25-30% chance of being identical.

After they were born and we were out of surgery, none of us could tell which one was which, apart from one was slightly bigger than the other, they weighed 6.1lb and 5.11lb and 5 weeks early, so they were good sizes to say the least!

Even the midwife couldn’t tell them apart, luckily they had different coloured hats, however Anthony did try and swap the hats just to confuse her!

During the 16 painful days in hospital, I saw god knows how many midwives, only on a couple of occasions did I see the same one twice. Majority of them would comment how similar they look and some I saw on a few occasions would try and guess which one was which, but I mean there’s a 50% chance you’ll get it right so it’s not exactly countdown is it! However, one midwife who I literally only saw that time came in and said “gosh they look completely different don’t they?” I felt like saying are we looking at the same babies!?


During the four months of their little lives it has been literally all we have talked about,

“Today they definitely look identical!”

“In that light they look completely different.”

“That ones face is more round than the others.”


It still annoys me today when people claim to know that they can tell them apart! I’m their mother and even I can’t tell them apart sometimes! The best bit is when they get it wrong though! Now that’s a laugh, all you know it alls out there haha!

Finding out whether they are identical or not consists of a DNA test, which costs £100, there’s a lot more interesting things we could all be doing with £100!! And to me it really doesn’t matter!

I’m not going to tell you what I think, what do you think?


A day in the life of us

The boys and I have been working on a little project! All their idea of course!!

We’ve been busy filming an average day for us, even including a trip to Nannys. On average I wash 28 bottles and change 18 nappies – on average!

It’s short, only the length of the happy song ( Nathaniel’s favourite ) , just a snapshot of what we do day to day and how we try to be healthy too.

JP is so easy to fit into our lifestyle I just love it and so do my boys!

Hope you enjoy!

because we’re happy

It takes twins…

So having twins makes you realise a lot of stuff, here are a few I’ve found so far!

1. What was I doing!?

If you’ve already had a singleton (that’s what twin mums call one baby) like me, it takes twins to make you think what the hell was I doing when I said I had no time with one baby! Seriously I had one baby and a whole pair of arms just for them, yet I used to make excuses about not being able to do the washing or cleaning! Guilt lay upon me!

2. Everyone suddenly wants to make conversation!

You get stopped everywhere you go, sometimes it takes a while for people to click that there is one baby in front of another and there’s a toddler tagging behind too. Yes they are all mine!

3. People ask the most stupid questions!

The most common, “Are they twins?” … Let’s ask the surgeon who surgically removed them both one after the other out of my stomach shall we!? I mean what are you supposed to say to that, “No, they’re triplets, I left the ugly one in the car.” Or perhaps “No, I stole the second one.” I mean I’m sorry but there is a limit to the amount of polite smiles and nods you can respond to that question.

4. The public like to state the obvious…

“You’ve got your hands full!” Well yes I literally do! I have one baby in a sling, one screaming in his car seat and a toddler throwing a tantrum, while trying to do a food shop and you’re stating the obvious, why? Now, I don’t mean to sound like a female dog but come on! Sometimes I think people would prefer to see me break down, cry, throw my hands in the air and say “I can’t cope, I can’t cope!” I’m aware I have three children under two, and I’m not saying it’s easy, but they’re only young once, we enjoy our days together and have a great routine! However, yes I do not have enough hands, if you’d like to lend a pair, you can do the washing up!

5. Face your eating and exercising habits!

It took twins, to realise I wasn’t going to get my body back by sitting on my bum saying “I don’t have time to exercise I have babies” and keeping to my high carb/high sugar diet. It took having my twinnies to look in the mirror and want more than the body I had before. It’s given me the determination to be healthier, slimmer and fitter than ever in my adult life. It took two little people, completing my family, to make me realise I need to be around for as long as possible. No quick fad diet is going to change your body forever, yoyo dieting is not where I wanted to go. I found a way that I could lose weight, get fit and be healthy while being with my family and a way that they can enjoy it too!

It takes twins for me to be ready to get the body I always wanted. Got to stop dreaming and start doing people! I make time to exercise every day whether the twins and Nathaniel are up playing or fast asleep, I make the time each day, so I can be one step closer to my goal!

P.S. Please read this with humour, I am not an angry person.

P.P.S. Yes the picture really is me, why else would I post it?