90 days can change your life…

In 90 days you can begin to grow a little person inside of you, to the point where you can see a visible image during a scan, not only that but you can also see how many little people you’re growing inside of you.

I found out I was having twins at an emergency scan just before my 12 week scan, the doctors were worried I was having an ectopic pregnancy due to pains in my abdomen. They were in fact just stretching pains making room for two cheeky monkeys!

It took another three months to find out they were breech and transverse (higledey pigledey!) and I didn’t make it to the end of the last three months as they just got too big my body couldn’t handle them anymore, born at 35 weeks weighing 6.1lbs and 5.11lbs the biggest babies in Special Care, let alone the biggest set of twins!!!

The first 90 days of their little lives were firstly spent in hospital, for an aching 16 days away from Nathaniel, but then spent with my three little lads and me coping with getting to grips in the next chapter of our lives. By the time they were three months old I had managed to get them into a solid bed time routine and although I was (and still am) up every three hours feeding them, I had my evenings back and the horrible colic stage was over.

I suddenly went from having no spare time and constantly having a baby attached to me to having a little bit of free time each night. At this point I was also looking for a way to swift the twin weight! One of my lovely friends, Gemma Edens, had been posting her weight loss progress and the meals she was eating looked amazing, real food and losing weight!? I have to say I was a doubter to begin with!

After having a chat with her about the plans and what would be best for me, she offered me a job opportunity within her team, working from home and in my own hours. I was interested as I was starting to get sick of my own company in the evenings and I like to keep busy! However, I said I wanted to see how I went on the plan and see if I liked it. I lost 5lbs in my first week of detox and couldn’t believe the change, I was hooked. If I could eat this much healthy food that was not only good for me but that I could also lose weight while eating, then it was definitely something I wanted to share with others! I joined the day I weighed in, a £50 investment that would change my life.

I’m just about to hit the end of my first 90 days in the business, Nathaniel’s just turned 21 months and the twins will be 6 months on the 4th. The last 3 months I have built my own business from home on my iPhone/iPad around watching my boys growing, playing, making a mess, screaming, all the normal mummy baby things. Having had to rely on income support to keep my family a float, I have now been able to “close my account” as they like to phrase it!

I have over 50 lovely customers, I’ve just hit my third promotion in three months to Sales Coordinator and now have a team of 11 strong. The past weekend I have been at an inspiring conference, “The 90 Day Game Plan” listening to inspiring people map out the next 90 days for myself and the rest of my team, to hit National Marketing Directors of our own franchises!

90 days on with a total of 21lbs weight loss, hitting three promotions, building a team, running the house hold and looking after my gorgeous boys…I am very excited to see where the next 90 days will take us!

And it all kicks off with my first proper event on the 5th July in the Blue Boar in Witney from 2pm, if you’re local come along and here more about my journey so far.

I’ll see you there…



A year from now…

Around this time last year I found out I was pregnant. We had just moved into our first family home, renting a flat in Witney, it wasn’t ideal for one baby let alone more. In that same week we got offered a 2 bed house in Woodstock and Anthony got offered his PGCE place in Birmingham. They say news travels in threes!?

There was no question to whether I would keep it or not. Yes, I was supposed to be returning to my last year at Rose Bruford but a family to me was worth a lot more than a degree. So it was just a matter of logistics.

When we went to see the house we kind of fell in love, even through the jungle out back and awful decor. That was one problem solved anyway. We both discussed and agreed that it was best for Anthony to get his teaching qualification this year than to wait longer to be earning a proper income. Therefore the plan was that Anthony would live in Birmingham for the year and come back on weekends to see us. Which meant technically I’d be a single parent, and at this time we only thought it would be one baby.

It wasn’t long before we got the news of our multiple arrival and the plan still stayed the same. Technically being a single parent with Anthony not earning either left me having to claim income support. Good old benefits hey!

I found it extremely embarrassing having to ask for help, other than the odd loan from my dad, I’ve always worked and made my own money. We shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask for help when we need it and I am sure a lot of you have your own opinions on the benefit system. But it’s not a proud moment for me.

When the twins were born I had to ring up to claim they were alive, it doesn’t change your amount it just means that you are not expected to work then until the child/children are around a year old and I wouldn’t have to attend any interviews. Can you imagine taking twin babies and a toddler to the job centre!? I can think of better things to do with my day!

When we were home from hospital I started receiving letters about going in for an interview and each time I would ring up and explain my situation and they would apologise and tell me that I did not need to attend. The last letter I received I rang up about and explained and they told me that it was compulsory as they needed to check that my children were actually alive.

I don’t have a triple push chair so this would mean me struggling with the three of them on my own! Luckily my dad was around and he took time off from his own business to come with us. We managed to get there reasonably on time with my three babies and got called over by this woman. Now if you’ve never been in a job centre, it’s pretty open with lots of desks and as we went past some of the employees they cooed and commented on the twins, however, the woman interviewing me did not! I should have known then. She went through general details checking everything was up to date. We then came to Anthony. She continued to say that I was choosing to be on benefits because I would not move to Birmingham and when I reminded her that he was student, she said that was his choice. She was so nasty to me that I was crying, while rocking the twins who were getting miserable. So I said, “Find me a job that pays more than £15 an hour? Because that’s what it would cost me in child care!” She literally accused me of being a benefit fraud. I have never felt so little and horrible in my entire life that my throat literally tightens while I write this. There are so many people out there who scam benefits here and there, but because Anthony was a student trying to better himself and get a degree for a higher paying job to provide for us that wasn’t good enough. They basically want anyone of job seekers or income support to get any job no matter what it pays or whether it’s suitable. Perhaps if we encouraged people to learn more or find an actual career then there would be less people having to claim those benefits.

From that day, I had had enough. I needed a way to make money for my family and avoid ever having one of those interviews ever again.

That’s when I found Juice Plus! My friend from a previous job offered me a place on her team and after a week of being on the weight loss plan I agreed. I cost me £50 to join, it was a company that was 40 years old with a 20 year old product, backed by doctors a product that worked for me and would benefit my whole family.

I only did 5 orders in my first month but I didn’t let it get me down, because I truly believed this could help so many people with their health as well as their weight issues. The month just gone, May, was my second month, I’ve hit my first big promotion Senior Direct Distributor (SDD) and now have a team of seven below me. I have not only improved mine, my boys, my extended family and friends health but yesterday I rang income support and closed my account. Might sound silly but I could literally cry! No more hand outs from them and no more horrible interview with judgmental people.

I wash 28 bottles on average a day, I change on average 17 nappies a day, I have a 20 month old and 5 month old twins and I run a business. A business that cares about improving peoples lives all around! I’ve now lost 16lbs and 9 inches after 8 weeks of being on the weight loss plan, my hay fever has cleared up, it’s helped my twins health and Nathaniel’s too.

I’m no where near my peak and I can’t wait to see what this is going to do for me and my boys. I work for them, they are my why and they are the only reason I will succeed and make all of our dreams come true. It took twins for me to get my life in order and I know where I’ll be a year from now.

Where will you be a year from now?

Peace x