Two things I’m not good at…

There are two major things that I’m not good at dealing with…one is taking compliments, I kind of do a face like this…


Or end up in floods of tears!! I am so thankful for everyones kind words, I am just a normal mum, surving, coping, trooping on. But seriously every comment and message of support, encouragement, advice, is greatly appreciate, so thank you from my very full heart!

The second thing I’m not very good with is asking for help!! I know I need to get better at this!! I hate complaining as I know there is someone always worse off, so I pull my big girl pants up and deal with it. But incases like this, “waiting lists” and appointment politics the person who gets the most help is the one that shouts the loudest! Therefore, I need to ask for more help and be a bit of a pest *grinds teeth*. Seriously, I really dislike seeking help but my boys need all the help we can get, so time to pull up my big girl pants and get over it.

Once again I have so much gratitude for all those who have shown support in anyway, even for just reading this, sending love from us all!

If you haven’t seen my YouTube video yet, give this a watch and hopefully it will shine a bit of light as to what life is like for us right now. (Warning! I do get emotional.)

Love from me and my three crazy boys ❤ (Ana, Nathaniel, Jude & Luca)


Living in limbo…

My name is Ana Bonasera and I am a mother of multiples…multiple children, yes, Nathaniel being 4 this coming September and my set of multiples (twins) Jude & Luca are 2 and a half.

There are many things I could share with you over the best 3 years from bump to birth to babies to toddlers. But I want to share is the challenging times we are currently facing. My mums told me to speak to a doctor, I see her thought process, but I think sharing this with the universe aka. the internet, will help with the emotional roller coaster at these times and who knows may even help someone in the same position as we are in.

Since the boys were very young I’ve been a single mum with a lot of support from family and the boys dad, but still day to day life is as it is for most mums, exhausting and sometimes stressful. With the boys so close together I get a lot of “You’ve got your hands full” & “How do you cope?” Well you just do! Whatever life throws at you, you either sink or swim. To be honest I’m very lucky, the boys all have a lovely nature, Nathaniel has been accepting and very loving of the twins from day 1. Number one rule in this house is love first, laugh often.

When the twins turned 2, we were scheduled to have a meeting with the health visitor and had to fill in a lengthy form about different areas of their abilities. As they were low in a lot of areas this brought them up to be a ’cause for concern’, in particular their lack of speech. From there the health visitor referred us for a hearing test, which came back fine and from their we were referred to a speech therapist.

The appointment didn’t come through until the last week of April and that was really where things for me became more worrying, watching their lack of responses to all elements to the test apart from bubbles! They love bubbles! Afterwards she sat us down and went through the list that worried her, the fact that they don’t respond to their names, being tapped on the shoulder, know who or what “mummy” was, not examining puzzle pieces – just doing trial and error. I think the latter was a little bit ridiculous, in my opinion. It sent massive alarm bells ringing through my brain.

I’m not saying that I thought we were going to come away with them telling me that everything was normal, but I hadn’t braced myself for the cold, harsh words that came out of her mouth. From their I’ve had to fill in ridiculous piles of forms, with some hilarious questions on (!!) and now we have been referred to a paediatrician. However, we are having to wait till the middle of August for our appointment which has been pushed back once already.

The frustration builds daily of not being able to communicate with my beautiful boys, seeing them around other children their age and being so different makes me emotional and as we wait for any kind of idea of what’s going on, we are living in limbo.

As frustrating as it can be, there is no doubt that they know how to show their love! Thanks for taking the time out to read, I’ll be back to share more of these challenging times soon.

Love Ana, Nathaniel, Jude & Luca x



Taken today, during typing up this blog post, kisses from Luca x