Two things I’m not good at…

There are two major things that I’m not good at dealing with…one is taking compliments, I kind of do a face like this…


Or end up in floods of tears!! I am so thankful for everyones kind words, I am just a normal mum, surving, coping, trooping on. But seriously every comment and message of support, encouragement, advice, is greatly appreciate, so thank you from my very full heart!

The second thing I’m not very good with is asking for help!! I know I need to get better at this!! I hate complaining as I know there is someone always worse off, so I pull my big girl pants up and deal with it. But incases like this, “waiting lists” and appointment politics the person who gets the most help is the one that shouts the loudest! Therefore, I need to ask for more help and be a bit of a pest *grinds teeth*. Seriously, I really dislike seeking help but my boys need all the help we can get, so time to pull up my big girl pants and get over it.

Once again I have so much gratitude for all those who have shown support in anyway, even for just reading this, sending love from us all!

If you haven’t seen my YouTube video yet, give this a watch and hopefully it will shine a bit of light as to what life is like for us right now. (Warning! I do get emotional.)

Love from me and my three crazy boys ❤ (Ana, Nathaniel, Jude & Luca)


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