Year One Complete!

Wow! We made it!! AND we are all still alive! A few bumps, bruises and scratches but officially intact.

What a year it has been, the hardest but definitely the best year of my life. It hasn’t gone as expected but whatever has been thrown at us we have taken in our stride and carried on going.

Today we had a party for Jude & Luca with lots of family and friends plus the twins got to meet their cousins for the first time!! And I got first snuggles with baby (not so baby) Isaac. Precious memories.

Also none of us had a clue who was who all day! (As in the twins) we bathed them last night and dressed them in mismatch PJs I had bought. Not sure why I even question if they’re identical or not! in personality they are quite different Jude is much more relaxed and happy go lucky, Luca is a tad more temperamental and likes to be centre of attention – seeing as both mummy and daddy went to drama school I’m not surprised. I’m pretty sure I have them the correct way around now, tomorrow as the excitement will have died down their true personalities will show through.

Lesson learn – leave hospital bands on until old enough to be able to tell the difference.



The first 16 days of the twins lives were spent in hospital, they were good weights at 5.11lb (Luca and 6.1lb (Jude) but during their first night in hospital the midwives began to worry about their blood sugar levels dropping so we had to be separated and the twins were taken to “paediatrics” for a few tests and a bottle, I was told! Being on my own unable to move from the epidural before my section in a ward with three or four other women, during the middle of the night, on my own without any babies was a horrible feeling.

Few hours later and I was told they were hooked up to monitors and being fed through a tube. Heart broken! They weren’t even in the same room to start when I first went to see them, they were so unsettled, just horrible. After tests, including a lumbar puncture, they came to the conclusion that Jude had meningitis and Luca had an infection, which meant Jude had to be on a full course of antibiotics for 14 days. After a few days once they started feeding from me they were able to come up to the room with me.



Those 16 days dragged so long, being away from Nathaniel for so long was completely devastating. He has coped so well becoming a big brother, welcoming two screaming children into his home and taking up his time. He is such a loving, kind and fun big bro, the twins love him more than they love each other!

God it has been such a busy year, babies, starting my own business when they were 3 months and 18 months, ditching diets and processed food and switching to a healthy living, transforming bodies and helping my family too to live a healthy life!

Incredibly epic! Would sum it up pretty well. Here’s to an extreme 2015, throw it at me!!


IMG_1865.JPG<br />


Whole family wholefood

In the past 7 months I have taken a few simple steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Through that I have influenced my friends, family and more to make just a few simple changes too.

Swapping builders tea to green tea, changing cows milk to gluten free & dairy free milks. Even just sweet potatoes replacing regular ones!


When people say they are eating healthy and then doing things like adding dollops of “fat free” Mayo to their salad. We have been let down by the government and our education system, because we have zero education on good nutrition so how are we supposed to pass what we don’t know onto our children?!

In the past 7 months I have listened to many medical professionals talk about prevention and how good nutrition can truly help in all areas of life and across all generations.

I’ve gained incredible knowledge about food and how to fuel my body to its full potential, however I find the word healthy living too flimsy, I’m not a vegan, nor vegetarian, my food can be classed as clean eating. But I still don’t feel as though this is a strong enough word to use!

Therefore I have invented my own saying “PureLiving” to LiveLifePure

Why Pure?

We go back to basics, paleo, caveman diets, they all survived on food that was grown or had lived, it is our modern day society that has created fizzy drinks, chocolate, fast food, microwave meals, etc. If it wasn’t in our faces or created in the first place, we would know no difference.

So by making simple baby steps we are slowly moving towards a healthier happier life!

For me the biggest impact of all is the impact it has had upon my beautiful boys! In the evening I cook one meal that we all share, we eat as a family and it is so much less hassle, PLUS I know that I am not only giving my own body the best chance in life, but I am giving my boys the best start to their little lives.

Our gluten free pizza! Super yum!!

My target was to make 2014 the healthiest, happiest year yet and I’ve definitely accomplished that. One more month to go and I’ll be the fittest ever too 💪 bring on the Christmas parties!

Beauty from the inside out for all generations ❤️



Why can be the beginning of many questions!

Why is the sky blue?

Why am I always tired?

Why did this happen to me?

But recently the word why has meant something more to me!

“MY why…”
The reason you get out of bed in the morning, the smile on your face, your motivation.

Now for you that could be:

New outfit
The weekend

These are MY whys…


Nathaniel 2 years old, Jude & Luca 9 months old.

In the past 6 months my ultimate goals and visions for the future have changed dramatically, but my three little men have always stayed right at the top!

Right now I am in the best health possible, I am full of energy (even though I don’t sleep), have a super strong immune system, the best condition growing hair, plus loads more, but also I am 4lbs off of my 3st lost milestone!


Another why…

Why do I choose gold? My nan died at 52 from bowel cancer. My mum is 46 and was diagnosed with crohns this year & spends too much time in hospital.

I WILL NOT WAIT TO GET ILL! I will not wait until its too late.

I will spend a healthy happy long life with my boys and i will not sacrifice my time to a job i don’t love, to a disease i could have prevented.

So I will spend 1.90 a day for the rest of my life to make sure i give my body the best chance possible! 27 different varieties of fruit, veg & berries in a capsule, quick, easy, convenient and my boy gets his for free too!

Sacrifice money or time? I know what my choice is!

Time is free but so precious and this is what I want to teach my friends, family & anyone who will listen.

Feel free to message, comment, find me on facebook, insta, twitter, email! Always happy to chat.

Thanks for reading x

Fight for FITigue

When the twins were born in January my mum was signed off work, she has had quite a lot of trouble with her health in the past and the medical professions struggled to diagnose her.

Eventually after many tests and lots of waiting time they diagnosed her with ulcerated colitis and Crohn’s disease. Now for those who don’t know what Crohn’s is, it’s a bowel issue and sufferers cannot tolerate the digestion of fruits, veg & berries, which is exactly what they need to help them to get better.

In the past three months, I have lost 24 lbs, have improved immune system, hair, skin, nails, my hayfever has past AND I have an amazing energy boost every day from 26 fruits, veg and berries! When I started on the product I joined the business after a week and it has been the best decision I ever made. A £50 investment, that’s helped me earn my own living, around my boys, allows me to help others but now I have the opportunity to do something much bigger!

My nan died at 52 from bowel cancer, at the moment with the problems my mum is having she could be going down the same route. She is now 46 that gives me 6 years to stop history from repeating itself. My boys are all under two but my youngest brother is 10, I would do anything in my will power to prevent history from repeating.

I was probably in the business for a month before I found the document on Juice Plus and Crohn’s disease. It was definitely one of those butterfly moments reading the document.

To put it as simply as possible because the 26 fresh, ripe, raw fruit, veg & berries in the capsules have already been digested and are absorbed into the body, also known as whole foods by introducing them slowly and steadily, in the long term the capsules can help improve sufferers symptoms, they could help reduce medication and actually help them to tolerate fresh fruit & veg!

Now side effects range from needing to be close to a toilet to having a low immune system and recently there has been quite a lot of press on raising awareness for Crohn’s. However, there is one side effect which does not get talked about often, that is fatigue. Fatigue is a massive issue for people who have Crohn’s and I’ve witnessed it with my mother.

So from today we are starting up a campaign “Fight for FITigue!”

Obviously I am aware that there are other things in life that can linked with fatigue eg pregnancy, arthritis, age, anaemia, diabetese, and many more.

I know that personally the little sleep I get with twins has left me running on empty some days, and if it weren’t for the energy boost I get from 26 f&v everyday that if I had to go without some days I don’t know how I’d make it to bed time!

I have set myself a goal of helping 100 IBD sufferers in the next year, which averages around 2per week, being a matter close to my heart this is one of my BIG whys!

This is by no means a cure and I definitely am not claiming to be a medical professions, an expert or anything other than a mother of three small boys trying to make a difference to other peoples lives.

Watching my mum suffer, in particular the past six months, makes my heart ache and if I could help to save other daughters, sons, grandchildren, family, friends from a little heart ache and help them regain their health and feel fit in themselves, then that will mean more than words can describe.

Let’s fight for FITigue together because everybody deserves it!

Here’s a 1 minute video made by my boys & I. We’d love you to watch and feel free to share!



But are they identical?

Different types of twins, boy girl twins, non identical twins and identical twins. That’s it right? WRONG!

There are many different types of twins and during pregnancy they give them strange names like momo or didia. Safe to say I’m no doctor or an expert!! I didn’t really have time to get all clued up on it while they were in my tummy having a one year old as well.

Back to my point, the doctors and ultrasound people all told me they would not be identical because of the type of twins they are, they had their own sacs and placentas, dichorionic diamniotic, is the technical term.

It didn’t bother me whether they were identical or fraternal, all babies are special and twins are a definite blessing.

During my pregnancy I joined a twins group on a social networking site and people were discussing identical twins and I soon found out that didia twins have a 25-30% chance of being identical.

After they were born and we were out of surgery, none of us could tell which one was which, apart from one was slightly bigger than the other, they weighed 6.1lb and 5.11lb and 5 weeks early, so they were good sizes to say the least!

Even the midwife couldn’t tell them apart, luckily they had different coloured hats, however Anthony did try and swap the hats just to confuse her!

During the 16 painful days in hospital, I saw god knows how many midwives, only on a couple of occasions did I see the same one twice. Majority of them would comment how similar they look and some I saw on a few occasions would try and guess which one was which, but I mean there’s a 50% chance you’ll get it right so it’s not exactly countdown is it! However, one midwife who I literally only saw that time came in and said “gosh they look completely different don’t they?” I felt like saying are we looking at the same babies!?


During the four months of their little lives it has been literally all we have talked about,

“Today they definitely look identical!”

“In that light they look completely different.”

“That ones face is more round than the others.”


It still annoys me today when people claim to know that they can tell them apart! I’m their mother and even I can’t tell them apart sometimes! The best bit is when they get it wrong though! Now that’s a laugh, all you know it alls out there haha!

Finding out whether they are identical or not consists of a DNA test, which costs £100, there’s a lot more interesting things we could all be doing with £100!! And to me it really doesn’t matter!

I’m not going to tell you what I think, what do you think?


It takes twins…

So having twins makes you realise a lot of stuff, here are a few I’ve found so far!

1. What was I doing!?

If you’ve already had a singleton (that’s what twin mums call one baby) like me, it takes twins to make you think what the hell was I doing when I said I had no time with one baby! Seriously I had one baby and a whole pair of arms just for them, yet I used to make excuses about not being able to do the washing or cleaning! Guilt lay upon me!

2. Everyone suddenly wants to make conversation!

You get stopped everywhere you go, sometimes it takes a while for people to click that there is one baby in front of another and there’s a toddler tagging behind too. Yes they are all mine!

3. People ask the most stupid questions!

The most common, “Are they twins?” … Let’s ask the surgeon who surgically removed them both one after the other out of my stomach shall we!? I mean what are you supposed to say to that, “No, they’re triplets, I left the ugly one in the car.” Or perhaps “No, I stole the second one.” I mean I’m sorry but there is a limit to the amount of polite smiles and nods you can respond to that question.

4. The public like to state the obvious…

“You’ve got your hands full!” Well yes I literally do! I have one baby in a sling, one screaming in his car seat and a toddler throwing a tantrum, while trying to do a food shop and you’re stating the obvious, why? Now, I don’t mean to sound like a female dog but come on! Sometimes I think people would prefer to see me break down, cry, throw my hands in the air and say “I can’t cope, I can’t cope!” I’m aware I have three children under two, and I’m not saying it’s easy, but they’re only young once, we enjoy our days together and have a great routine! However, yes I do not have enough hands, if you’d like to lend a pair, you can do the washing up!

5. Face your eating and exercising habits!

It took twins, to realise I wasn’t going to get my body back by sitting on my bum saying “I don’t have time to exercise I have babies” and keeping to my high carb/high sugar diet. It took having my twinnies to look in the mirror and want more than the body I had before. It’s given me the determination to be healthier, slimmer and fitter than ever in my adult life. It took two little people, completing my family, to make me realise I need to be around for as long as possible. No quick fad diet is going to change your body forever, yoyo dieting is not where I wanted to go. I found a way that I could lose weight, get fit and be healthy while being with my family and a way that they can enjoy it too!

It takes twins for me to be ready to get the body I always wanted. Got to stop dreaming and start doing people! I make time to exercise every day whether the twins and Nathaniel are up playing or fast asleep, I make the time each day, so I can be one step closer to my goal!

P.S. Please read this with humour, I am not an angry person.

P.P.S. Yes the picture really is me, why else would I post it?