14 tips to tighten loose skin 🙋

After having three babies within 15 months of each other and being seriously over stretched by my rather big twin boys, weighing 6.1lb and 5.11lb at 5 weeks early, it’s fair to say my body has taken a battering. Now after losing around 39lbs in the space of 6 months it’s time to tone up and sort out my sagging skin 🙈


Having done a lot of research, I’ve made a list of 14 tips, all home remedies that I will be using a lot religiously from now on 💪

Here we go…

1. Limit sun exposure – no tanning, no sun beds (not that I usually do but anyone else out their who does and wants to improve their skin this ones for you!!)

2. Mineral/salt scrubs – increases blood flow, get a good loofa too, twice a day if you are committed – at least 3 times a week

3. Collagen cream – our skin in made from collagen, this makes it easily accepted into our bodies. I have been using a good collagen cream but not religiously! Time to up a notch!

4. Weight training – adding weights to your exercise regime, toning up helps the appearance of sagging skin.

5. Hydration – hydrate your body, hydrate your skin! Try at least 8 glasses a day!

6. Yoga – relieve stress, be more flexible and lose weight, this is supposed to help your skin be flexible after a few weeks.

7. Fruit and vegetable – with a high water content helping to hydrate and lots of vitamins and minerals eating at least 5 portions a day is key.

8. Raw foods – included in your portions, raw is 100% better for you, keeps all the nutrients locked in.

9. Lean protein – helps to build muscle, creating a more toned look and contains collagen and other nutrients our skin needs. After working out is best to boost muscle mass.

10. Avoid junk food – high fat foods are only going to add weight on, with those few stubborn pounds left under the skin that needs tightening this is not going to help! Avoid at all costs.

11. Essential oils – lavender and almond are the two I will be using, lavender is supposedly one of the best and requires a few tsps a night (this seems quite a lot to me!) almond oil – 1tsp every night, also supposed to help with the appearance of stretch marks, here’s hoping!

12. Tightening mask – a single egg white mask on your stomach three times a week…hmm interesting!!

13. Tightening astringent – made from honey 1 tsp, witch hazel 1 tbsp and Rosemary – which is supposed to help improve circulation.

14. Firming creams – it’s suggested to look for ones with natural ingredients, Vitamin E & A as well as collagen creams.

Now, all the boring facts are out the way, let’s go for the opinions!!

A lot of the suggestions sound a bit odd, some sound totally mad! But I’m going to give them all ago at some point!

Tuesday the 6th December

As it stands I’ve started using a few already. Last night in the shower I used a body scrub and loofa, I have to say as soon as I stepped out of the shower I noticed instantly how smooth my skin was! I don’t think I could comment on tighter skin.

Afterwards I used Nip & Fab’s tummy fix firming gel. I like the way it smells and can tell it goes into the skin well rather than sitting on the top from the texture my skin feels after applying. I’ve also applied this morning too, I will doing this twice daily, morning and night.

This morning I also tried lavender and almond oil. This is VERY potent!! I only used a few drops of lavender and more almond oil, I would definitely suggest using this at night time rather than the morning. Not sure if it’s made a real difference, however I know this one is a patience game.


I’ll also be using my collagen cream once a day too. I have definitely seen improvements with this over the past year but I have not been as consistent as I’d have liked to!

Daily diet:

I have a pretty good diet already, I eat mainly gluten and dairy free, use plat based protein, as well as a lot of lean protein and eat good carbs like sweet potato. I also take my Juice Plus+ premium capsules which have the essence of 26 different types of fresh, ripe, raw fruit & veg! Which is good as I know that if I don’t mange all 5 of my portions each day, I have pumped good nutrients straight into my blood stream already!

Water could be taken up a notch but I do drink a lot of green and herbal teas which I count in my water intake.

I have recently started rebounding (using a mini trampoline called a rebounder) it’s good cardio but low impact. I also do some weight training but will be upping this and doing daily alongside my rebounding. I’m also looking for local yoga classes too!

I know this isn’t going to be an over night transformation so I will only be taking progress pictures once a week, I’m going hardcore and using all of these daily and will be adding in others as we go through the process!

Determined to get in a bikini this year 💪

If anyone has had any experience with good products or home made remedies I’d be really interested to hear about them or if you’d like to talk more in further detail, send me a message 💚

Year One Complete!

Wow! We made it!! AND we are all still alive! A few bumps, bruises and scratches but officially intact.

What a year it has been, the hardest but definitely the best year of my life. It hasn’t gone as expected but whatever has been thrown at us we have taken in our stride and carried on going.

Today we had a party for Jude & Luca with lots of family and friends plus the twins got to meet their cousins for the first time!! And I got first snuggles with baby (not so baby) Isaac. Precious memories.

Also none of us had a clue who was who all day! (As in the twins) we bathed them last night and dressed them in mismatch PJs I had bought. Not sure why I even question if they’re identical or not! in personality they are quite different Jude is much more relaxed and happy go lucky, Luca is a tad more temperamental and likes to be centre of attention – seeing as both mummy and daddy went to drama school I’m not surprised. I’m pretty sure I have them the correct way around now, tomorrow as the excitement will have died down their true personalities will show through.

Lesson learn – leave hospital bands on until old enough to be able to tell the difference.



The first 16 days of the twins lives were spent in hospital, they were good weights at 5.11lb (Luca and 6.1lb (Jude) but during their first night in hospital the midwives began to worry about their blood sugar levels dropping so we had to be separated and the twins were taken to “paediatrics” for a few tests and a bottle, I was told! Being on my own unable to move from the epidural before my section in a ward with three or four other women, during the middle of the night, on my own without any babies was a horrible feeling.

Few hours later and I was told they were hooked up to monitors and being fed through a tube. Heart broken! They weren’t even in the same room to start when I first went to see them, they were so unsettled, just horrible. After tests, including a lumbar puncture, they came to the conclusion that Jude had meningitis and Luca had an infection, which meant Jude had to be on a full course of antibiotics for 14 days. After a few days once they started feeding from me they were able to come up to the room with me.



Those 16 days dragged so long, being away from Nathaniel for so long was completely devastating. He has coped so well becoming a big brother, welcoming two screaming children into his home and taking up his time. He is such a loving, kind and fun big bro, the twins love him more than they love each other!

God it has been such a busy year, babies, starting my own business when they were 3 months and 18 months, ditching diets and processed food and switching to a healthy living, transforming bodies and helping my family too to live a healthy life!

Incredibly epic! Would sum it up pretty well. Here’s to an extreme 2015, throw it at me!!


IMG_1865.JPG<br />

It takes twins…

So having twins makes you realise a lot of stuff, here are a few I’ve found so far!

1. What was I doing!?

If you’ve already had a singleton (that’s what twin mums call one baby) like me, it takes twins to make you think what the hell was I doing when I said I had no time with one baby! Seriously I had one baby and a whole pair of arms just for them, yet I used to make excuses about not being able to do the washing or cleaning! Guilt lay upon me!

2. Everyone suddenly wants to make conversation!

You get stopped everywhere you go, sometimes it takes a while for people to click that there is one baby in front of another and there’s a toddler tagging behind too. Yes they are all mine!

3. People ask the most stupid questions!

The most common, “Are they twins?” … Let’s ask the surgeon who surgically removed them both one after the other out of my stomach shall we!? I mean what are you supposed to say to that, “No, they’re triplets, I left the ugly one in the car.” Or perhaps “No, I stole the second one.” I mean I’m sorry but there is a limit to the amount of polite smiles and nods you can respond to that question.

4. The public like to state the obvious…

“You’ve got your hands full!” Well yes I literally do! I have one baby in a sling, one screaming in his car seat and a toddler throwing a tantrum, while trying to do a food shop and you’re stating the obvious, why? Now, I don’t mean to sound like a female dog but come on! Sometimes I think people would prefer to see me break down, cry, throw my hands in the air and say “I can’t cope, I can’t cope!” I’m aware I have three children under two, and I’m not saying it’s easy, but they’re only young once, we enjoy our days together and have a great routine! However, yes I do not have enough hands, if you’d like to lend a pair, you can do the washing up!

5. Face your eating and exercising habits!

It took twins, to realise I wasn’t going to get my body back by sitting on my bum saying “I don’t have time to exercise I have babies” and keeping to my high carb/high sugar diet. It took having my twinnies to look in the mirror and want more than the body I had before. It’s given me the determination to be healthier, slimmer and fitter than ever in my adult life. It took two little people, completing my family, to make me realise I need to be around for as long as possible. No quick fad diet is going to change your body forever, yoyo dieting is not where I wanted to go. I found a way that I could lose weight, get fit and be healthy while being with my family and a way that they can enjoy it too!

It takes twins for me to be ready to get the body I always wanted. Got to stop dreaming and start doing people! I make time to exercise every day whether the twins and Nathaniel are up playing or fast asleep, I make the time each day, so I can be one step closer to my goal!

P.S. Please read this with humour, I am not an angry person.

P.P.S. Yes the picture really is me, why else would I post it?


The Pilot

Blogging isn’t something I’ve been particularly interested in the past, it’s been one of those internet sensations (so to speak) that I haven’t taken the time to follow. But for a while now a few people have been saying to me that I should start to write my own. So here it goes…

Welcome to the pilot of it takes twins! A bit about me, I’m 21 (edging towards 22) I live in Woodstock, Oxfordshire with my three children. Yes three! Nathaniel is 18 months and Jude and Luca are only 3 months old. We got lucky and got two for the price of one! If twins run in your family it’s a 1 in 2 chance that you will have twins, well we had one and then we had two! Living up to the statistics!

I’ve been with my fiancé three years, however I currently live on my own. Anthony is doing a PGCE to teach Drama at secondary school in Birmingham, but qualifies at the end of June and hopefully he can come home and hopefully find a job!

We met at Drama school and I fell pregnant with Nathaniel during my placement abroad in my second year. I continued till the end of the year and deferred my place, aiming to return the following September. Myself, Anthony and a baby Nathaniel lived the first 6 months of his little life at my mothers house, with her partner, their three children, a cat and a dog. It was a pretty crammed house! With Nathaniel growing by the day we needed our own space and after a few fallen through houses, we finally found a spacious two bed flat to rent.

Finally having a place to call our own was an amazing feeling, we were in walking distance of a busy town and not far from the school Anthony was working at. The day before Nathaniel’s christening, I tested positive. We were both swept away in shock! The week that followed also offered us a two bedroom house and Anthony his PGCE in Birmingham. Well they do say news travels in threes, they weren’t lying!

Within the next month we painted/decorated, moved all our stuff out of the flat and set up house in our new lovely home. We’d been in the new house not even a week before we found out we were expecting twins! By this point returning to finish my third year the coming September was pretty much impossible.

Having already discussed and decided that Anthony would accept the position on the PGCE in Birmingham, it wasn’t long before summer ended and he was off. At 5 months pregnant, with Nathaniel almost hitting the one year mark, it was just us two! It took a while to get used to being just us, there were difficult times, especially with my ever growing bump. After a few weeks we got into a good routine and the time we had just the two of us I will treasure forever! Christmas soon came round and although my due date wasn’t until February, seeing as 57% of twins and almost all triplets are born before 37 weeks, as each week passed we knew we were on borrowed time!

Friday the 3rd of January now at 35 weeks, a few days before Anthony was due to go back to Birmingham, I started regularly contracting. I was assessed early morning of the 4th and injected with steroids to help prepare the babies lungs. I was fully aware that I would need a c-section as both of the boys were in awkward positions. After a gruelling 12 hours + of contracting the doctors finally listened to me and after examining me sent us straight to delivery suite and it was within minutes before I was taken into surgery.

The boys were born a minute apart and both extremely loud! Weighing 6.1lb and 5.11lb for twins, at 5 weeks early, they were definitely a healthy weight! All seemed fine and the three of us went into recovery where we would stay the night, before going up to the ward. At about 3am both of the boys were taken to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) as their blood sugars had dropped. I was told they would probably be back in an hour after they had been given a bottle and been assessed. However, hours went by and I was told that both of them were being tube fed and being closely monitored. Confused to say the least and not really knowing much about SCBU, going down to see them on my own for the first time was quite traumatic, especially as they weren’t even in the same room to start with. I will go into more detail about our 16 day stay in the hospital on another post. The twins are now currently 14 weeks old and doing amazingly well.

Now being alone with three children under two, is a challenge I face everyday! With different feeding, eating, changing schedules it has taken a while for us all to get into the swing of things. But we have survived so far so the only way is up, right!? That brings us up to date! It’s been a busy few years and no doubt there is much more to come, so stay tuned!